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Method of preserving flute recorder

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Not only the flute recorder, but all instruments need to be properly maintained to protect the instrument from damage or malfunction. Today we will guide you how to maintain record flute properly.

Care for Your Recorder

Phương pháp bảo quản sáo recorder

1.Clean your reorder after each use. It is important to keep your instrument clean both for hygiene reasons and to keep the recorder in good playing condition.

  • Plastic recorders can be washed in the dishwasher or in a sink with warm soapy water. Take the pieces apart before washing and be sure to rinse all the soap off.
  • The mouthpiece can be cleaned with an old toothbrush or pipe cleaner.
  • Let your recorder dry completely before playing again.
  • For wooden recorders, disassemble the recorder and carefully wipe the moisture off the inside with a soft cloth.

Phương pháp bảo quản sáo recorder

2.Keep your recorder in a case. Keep the recorder in its case when not in use to prevent chipping or damaging the whistle-like hole at the top, because damage there can render the whole recorder useless.

Phương pháp bảo quản sáo recorder

3.Protect the recorder from extreme temperatures. Protect your instrument against sudden changes of temperature or direct sunlight, and never leave it in a warm car or near a source of heat. This is particularly important for wooden recorders, but is good practice for any instrument.

Phương pháp bảo quản sáo recorderearn how to deal with clogging. Condensation of beads of moisture in the windway of the recorder can cause clogging. You can minimize clogging in both plastic and wooden recorders by warming the head joint up to body temperature in your hands, under your arm, or in your pocket before playing.

  • If water has accumulated in the windway, completely cover the window at the top of the recorder with the one hand and exhale forcefully into the windway. This should clear out any excess moisture.
  • If clogging persists, you can clean the windway by mixing one tablespoon of unperfumed dishwasher detergent with three tablespoons of water. Pour this cleaner into the recorder, either through the window or at the bottom, and leave it to sit in the windway for a moment before draining. Allow the recorder to dry completely before you play it again

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