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[Beginners Lesson for Flute] Lesson 10 – Playing Your First Tune

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In this lesson we will learn one more note, then, with the three notes we have learned, we will be able to play some familiar music.

The third note we will need to learn is “F”:

Beginner Flute Lesson 9 : Reading Notes (part 7)

To play this note you will add the first finger from your right hand.

Make sure you can play all three notes we have learned so far before you proceed. It is okay to move slowly and take frequent breaks.

Consider what we learned about reading notes from the previous lesson. A – G – F all go downwards by a step. See how on your flute each note adds another finger. That means to the music shown below you will start with your A (the space above G), add a finger to play the G, then add another finger (from your right hand) to play the F (the space below G).
Beginner Flute Lesson 10 : Playing Your First Tune (part 2)

Now it’s your turn:

Beginner Flute Lesson 10 : Playing Your First Tune (part 3)

If this is now easy for you, then using these three notes in this order, we will play our first three note song, “Hot Cross Buns.”

Hot Cross Buns

Listen to the tune. Notice the different rhythms, quarter notes, half notes and half rests. It might be helpful for you to clap along as you listen to get a good idea of the rhythm. You can also try fingering the notes in rhythm while holding the flute in playing position.

When you feel you are ready, give it a try with this accompaniment:

Beginner Flute Lesson 10 : Playing Your First Tune (part 6)

Be sure to tongue every note, especially the four quarter notes. Important: do not breath between quarter notes! Think of blowing a whole note and using your tongue to create the quarter notes. Breath on the half rests. There are no rests in the second half of the piece, so try to take a short breath at the commas ().

Once you have completed this lesson you be able to play a three note song on your flute. You have made excellent progress!

Very first lessons for Flute, including setting up the flute, playing your first note, an introduction to reading music and your first real tune.

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